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cults for wealthy americans ultimately president obama signed an extension of the tax cuts for all taxpayers. now, four months later, the president and congressional leaders cut a budget deal that cut $38 billion in federal spending for the year. that agreement, if you recall, came less than two hours before the government would have shut down. in august of the same year, the white house and congress were in the same position they're in now, bumping up against that debt ceiling. that provision of the deal created the fiscal mess which we have still not solved. and congress closed out 2011 with the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits two days before christmas. he had another massive fight on a relatively modest stopgap measure that both sides had largely agreed on. of course i don't need to remind you about the fiscal cliff fight we just got done with. congress could not come to an agreement even as massive spending cuts and tax hikes were scheduled to take effect. but congress still hasn't had enough. three more fights looming. if the debt ceiling is isn't raised by mid-febru
looks at that time and we have a debate on it and i hope president obama explains to the american people what he is doing. if he decided the game isn't worth the candle, he should say that and explain why he ordered the surge that bob mentioned three years ago and now and we sent an awful lot of kids over there and why he is now just getting out. >> chris: you talked about congress. let me flip to the other subject. in comes as the president named a new national security team and as i discussed with the senators the most controversial pick is chuck hagel for defense secretary. here is what hagel said this week when was named. >> i will do my best for our country and for those i represent at the pentagon and for all of our citizens. and mr. president, i will always give you my honest and most informed counsel. >> chris: the question, bill, is what kind of counsel hagel will give. we talked with the senators about his positions on israel and iran and what we didn't mention s that he also said that he thinks the pentagon budget is bloated and needs to be pared down? >> the comment was to le
? >> petty -- i think you have a couple things. obama is one of 17 american presidents to re-elected to a second term. if the reality what has happened so far. that reelection hasn't given him a lot of influence or power. whether the debt ceiling, gun control, fiscal cliff, his first nominee for secretary of state susan rice, republicans are here to remind him that they are significant opposition, number one. number two, their own foreign policy, they are trying to figure out a way in the wake of bush 43 to identify a foreign policy muscular foreign policy that is different than the democrats. i think a lot of this is feeding the controversy. >> gregg: fair enough. you also debunk the argument that hagel is not qualified. in doing so in part you are siding with some derision. another pentagon chief who was well qualified, does judgment trump experience? >> it's a fascinating point. don rumsfeld is one of the most brilliant people that i've ever met. there is no question about it. if you look at the first george w. bush administration and you look at the policies on iraq, you
to increasing taxes on wealthier americans. so this is someone who president obama has a very good working relationship with. and, of course, this is a key moment. it's a critical moment to take over the spot as treasury secretary. because there are three big budget matters looming. of course, they're going to have to deal with the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff and the all in the comes months. >> kristen, we look at the optics of this, the inner circle being all white men. what is the tone in washington especially since was the obama coalition that got obama in for a second term? >> well, look, the white house is kernel getting criticism over this issue, especially from women's advocacy groups who are saying there aren't enough women in the top positions at the white house. the white house playing defense on this issue. jed jay carney asked about this saying that diversity is an important issue for the president but he's also choosing especially in these top spots, the people he believes he will work best with, best for the job. there are also reports 0 out that 43% of the appointees here
to the campaign manager of the obama campaign, asking them how with the next four years, given that the american people, if they vote for president obama for another four years, will basically be voting against obstructionism and the republicans will get the message and they will be towards the center. >> i can't see that happening. >> you know, that is their talking point. >> are you anymore optimistic when it was they that governor romney one on november 6. that there is some deal he office. >> no, i am not. it is that is what you meant specifically on governor romney and i i'm what is it about three weeks ago or so. i interviewed a number of people and particularly the more conservative of republicans who say this is a great moment for them if mitt romney wins. a moment for them to legislate aggressively driven agenda. my question is what if that is not so the would've romney decides that that is not how he wishes to govern. that it is in the mode of him being the governor of massachusetts. and one of the stars featured in my book said we have been pretty calm us far. if present nominee doesn
of the month e. >>> the obama administration says when american troops pull out of afghanistan at the end of next year, the u.s. could pull out all of them. white house officials say they are considering the so-called zero option which would bring home every u.s. soldier in the country despite the pentagon's view that some troops need to stay to keep al qaeda at bay. >>> for the continental united states, 2012 was the hottest on record. according to government scientists, the average temperature was 55.3 degrees. that broke the record set back in 1998 by one degree. >> of course it doesn't apply to today because it was chilly. >> it was chilly this morning. no frost on my window yet but -- >> but we'll see temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s tomorrow maybe snow down to 1500 feet. so big changes around the bay area for today. a lot of clouds beginning to move in. we have some patchy, dense fog early on this morning in the valleys but you can see the cold front now sliding into the state bringing some showers into far northern california. that
obama reportedly considering a plan that would leave no american soldiers in afghanistan when troops withdraw at end of 2014. the united states has spent quite a bit of money training the afghan army to take their own security lead. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends that according to "washington post" the united states has invested $50 billion training and equipping the afghan police and army. the cost to sustain the afghan army once the u.s. troops depart is projected at over $4 billion a year. enough of the real news, time to gather around the water cooler and talk late-night tv. a fixture in our culture since "the tonight show" began, now there's a new player in the game. jimmy kimmel goes head to head now with david letterman and jay leno. beginning last night, "jimmy kimmel live" was bumped to the 11:35 time spot by abc. nightline will begin an hour later in his opening monologue last night, kimmel explains how the new time slot has improved his career. >> i used to be on at midnight. now we're on at 11:35. i'm now 25 minutes closer to my life-long dream to co-h
these white house meetings disingenuous. >> i think they're going to do everything they can to strip americans of their right to bare arms. >> reporter: the obama administration says they're looking for ways to stop mass shootings like the massacre in newtown, connecticut. the vice. and his task force are talking to a range of groups, from victims of gun violence to major gun sellers like wal-mart and even hollywood. cbs news has learned president owe bam pa will likely reveal -- obama will likely reveal new ideas to introduce to cut down gun violence. the white house could also recommend universal background checks for gun buyers and a national gun database. many members of congress oppose the measures, but the vice president says the president may be able to bypass congress and use an executive order. mike collins works at a virginia gun shop. he says all the talk about new restrictions had boosted business. >> a lot of people have been on the fence. they were thinking about buying them anyway. all this did was speed up their decision to get it now. >> reporter: collins says the spike in sal
't trigger mr. obama's comment. >> netanyahu's red line. >> that's the bigger question. the israeli tolerance is less than the american tolerance. if the iranians say 90% of the way towards a nuclear weapon, can we live with that? the united states? can the israelis live with that? that might depend in part on what the details are and what degree of inspections or transparency we have and what is the timeline between where they arrive at before they can actually have a nuclear weapon? do we feel we will have other opportunities to interrupt it? that is the big debate of 2013 and what is so interesting about this, more than any other issue. this is the one that affects not just the entire region because it is already on edge for all the reasons that ian and anne-marie mentions. >> i think this president will be different in terms of other presidents in terms of being willing to strike iran because this president came into office determined to move the world away from nuclear weapons. he came in with the idea that if we have 30 countries in the world with nuclear weapons, we're going to blow ou
. he is an american patriot. >> president obama nominates chuck hagel as defense secretary, and conservatives are fuming. >> positions that he has taken over the years will be, i think very much a matter of discussion. >> this is an in-your-face nomination by the president. >> if hagel is nominated, it is very difficult to imagine circumstance in which i could support his confirmation. >> admiral joe sestak and richard wolffe are here on the road to confirmation and what this could mean for defense cuts. >>> republicans are coming out for the government shutdown. >> you think that's a good idea? >> yes, i do. >> you really do? >> yes. >> john nichols on their backwards reasoning. >>> mcdonnell doesn't mind another hostage situation for the deficit, at the expense of the most vulnerable. david cay johnston lays out the gop fabricated spending problem ahead. >>> the opposition on gun control reaches heated extremes. >> i don't think the federal government has any business having a list of law abiding citizens who choose to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. >> but fo
credibility with kind of average americans so, if the obama administration could get them onboard with some sort of gun control and they would call it common sense, of course, gun control. that would be huge. it's unclear whether or not that is going to happen, but i think it's very likely that's what the white house hopes to do. >> you wrote -- you wrote in your piece on this. walmart cooperated with michael bloomberg. bloomberg is a gun hater. he wants to control all guns, i believe he wants to ban all guns. i wasn't really sure. walmart's not going to ban all guns. the administration's not going to ask him to do that. >> you're right. absolutely right. walmart is thought of as this conservative company. but as you know, larry, big business tends to benefit from regulation. and, in fact, walmart already complies with bloomberg's. he has this thing where walmart is already voluntarily complying with onerous regulations voluntarily. so if they were -- let's just pie in the sky here. let's say they came out in favor of closing the gun loophole. that means i couldn't sell you a gun, for examp
president karzai and president obama want american troops to stay in afghanistan 2015 and beyond, but exactly how that is going to happen and what regulations will govern their presence and conduct is a point of contention between the two leaders. host: we're talking to a non- resident senior fellow at the center for a new american security talking about afghanistan. we will take your questions. here is a tweet from the oversight of gop. can you explain the structure of the afghanistan government? can it be improved? how does it compare to iraq? guest: that is an enormous question. afghanistan has strong regional governors who are appointed by the president. it is not dissimilar to the u.s., where state governors have a great deal of power. the question among those who study afghanistan and have looked at the last 10 years of war is whether we have made the right choice by giving the president so much power to appoint governors. it would be as if president obama had the right to appoint all-american governors, rather than them being elected by their states. many believe we would
in afghanistan. that's also the key issue today between president obama and hamid karzai in their meetings. despite his request for a large american residual force after 2014, karzai recently told nbc's atia that afghan troops are ready to take over. >> on the question of the readiness, the preparedness of the afghan security forces, they are quite ready. i can say with confidence to handle the security of the country, the trust of this country and to receive the full transition to them in 2014, rather, in 2013 and to have the departure of the foreign forces from afghanistan completed in 2014. zoom a strong advocate for chuck hagel for the pentagon job. general, welcome. thank you very much. >> nice to be with you. thank you. >> tell me why you think chuck hagel is the right person for this job despite all the controversy that has been raised about what he said about israel in the past and iran in the past, criticisms of some of his other statements certainly the statements about gay americans. >> i think for two, maybe three reasons. first of all, he is a very solid, sound thinker. he has
are going to be looking at $26,000 in debt. thank you, mr. obama. >> the basic poi is that the american people know that we have to have cutbacks in entitlement programs. lou: let's set aside the european tax rates. [talking over each other] lou: let me ask you this. if you don't think that the republicans experience anything, is there any way in which we can get to that point? >> welcome the republicans have to have a strong standpoint on what they think needs to be done. what they are willing to vote for. so far we haven't seen that. >> president obama is responsible for the government. what would you have him do? >> we need to have a strong proposal. >> there only for programs that count anymore. defense and social security and health care. lou: david weise, thank you so much for being with us. up next, a new york executive takes on the aw and an overbearing use of the newspape. we will be talking about the putnam county fiasco max. and arizona's tom horne with a ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn
administration by the department of transportation in 2009 by president barack obama. he has over see the disbursement throughout the country through the american reinvestment act and has done so meeting every milestone established by that act. getting money into hands of transit operators whose budgets were severely strained by the worse economic downturn since our great depression. please welcome fta administrator peter rogof. [applause] >> well thank you mayor lee and let me just say as the federal transit administrator it's great to be in a federal transit city. as many people know a rail connection was promised to the people of union square and chinatown going on two decades. they made that promise because this quarter is the most densely populated quarter in the entire western united states that doesn't have an adequate rail connection and that promise was made because we have the opportunity here to cut the commute for tens of thousands of people everyday in half by this investment. the vast majority of the people don't own a car. they depend on transit. well today through p
the american flag. president obama had to personally phone egyptian president morsi to get the egyptian military and police finally to stop the assault and protect the american staff. security is very tight at the embassy now. come on over here. you can see the barricades outside the embassy and if you take a look right behind those barricades you can see the american flag flying on the u.s. embassy grounds. it's a huge complex over there. it's one of the largest u.s. embassies in the world and you can see more barricades over here. we're only, what, half a block or so from tahrir square. we're heading over there right now. i went back to tahrir square with cnn's ian lee who is based in cairo and covered the revolution. >> about 60 yards, 70 yards you have the embassy this way. >> there were folks still living in tents, but there was no traffic and few protesters. ian, give me a little tour of tahrir square. we're going to walk around, we can see the tents. there are folks still here but this is a lot different than it used to be? >> this is completely different than it used to be. righ
's calling the shots? president obama or hamid karzai? obama's mixed messages as to when american troops might come home from the country's longest war in afghanistan raise more questions. here's what president obama said today after meeting with karzai in washington. >> we've already reduced our presence in afghanistan to roughly 66,000 u.s. troops. i've pledged we'll continue to bring our forces home at a steady pace and in the coming months i'll announce the next phase of our drawdown. a responsible drawdown that protects the gains our troops have made. >> in the coming months, the decision on troops is months away. all right, let's rewind one month. here's what defense secretary leon panetta said then. >> the size of that enduring presence is something that the president is going to be considering over the next few weeks. >> next few weeks, not months. he said that over a month ago. how about two months ago? speaking of the troop count decision, secretary panetta told reporters in november, my hope is we'll be able to complete this process in the next few weeks. two months ago it was
, will congress and president obama be able to enact a series of measures that will stabilize the american economy for the future? >> i'm going to say yes. i'm just going to say yes. i think 2013 is the year where obama feels strong enough and has learned enough lessons and the country understands what is at stake very fundamentally and the economics are starting to get better. manufacturing is coming back. it's actually coming back from offshore to onshore. we recognize how critical infrastructure is in the wake of sandy and other things. i actually think the ingredients are there. i don't think there is one blinding moment where everybody sort of gets religion and says we're going to do it, but we're going to be on our way back. >> some positive signs. economic growth will probably pick up and a good chance we'll get comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, which would be good for any number of reasons. corporate tax reform. there seems to be bipartisan support for that. will we solve if you will the fiscal challenges of the year, no, we'll still be kicking cans down the road, use whatever clic
shall issues they say they may act unilaterally on. where does that leave the american people? >> i think those critics who say that about president obama's strategy they are probably right. president obama has a strong hand he has a better hand in washington than republicans do. the problem with things like gun control; in the senate even modern democrats join with republicans. if he tries to do something unilateral with debt ceiling or with guns the fight we are seeing right now and the fights we have seen in the last four years they will pail in comparison to just how locked down the whole city becomes over something like that. it would be such an incredibly melcose stand for the president to take especially on something like guns. probably less so in the debt ceiling. another thing that is shocking it senate majority leader reed and those in the senate acting unilaterally. when the last time you heard a chamber of commerce saying take the power away from us. he lost his power. >> nancy pelosi has been saying that on a number of issues as well. the american voters went to the pol
over. the obama administration floated the idea of removing american troops all together. president karzai met with secretary of state clinton last night over dinner. and joe biden plans to deliver recommendations from the gun control task force to the president on tuesday. yesterday, the vice president met with representatives on various sides of the issue. the former head of a movie industry group argued movies aren't behind the violence. the nra step ahead way from discussions and said they were in attack of second amendment. dan lothian has been following developments for us this morning. sol folks said they see some consensus in some areas. when you listen to what the nra said, they sounded very disappointed with the meetings. >> that's right. we sort of expect thad coming in. it wasn't a very big, bold expectation from the nra, saying they were coming to simply listen to what the administration had to put out there. the vice president did talk about some things floating to the top. not recommendations that come from him, but recommendations he said coming from all the various
of the american people in this debate. >> reporter: president obama has said he wants to lay it on some of the proposals his task force gives him in the state of the union address. that task force led by the vice president is going to give president obama their recommendations on tuesday in the state of the union is scheduled for february 12th, one month from yesterday. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> fox news is taking a closer look at the gun control debate with a special hannity airing tonight featuring a studio audience compromised some of the new yorkers who were outed by the journal news for having gun permits. that is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> arthel: growing concerns over the shortages of flu vaccines as sick americans are overcrowding emergency roommates and the cdc says the flu outbreak is reaching epidemic levels with new york state declaring a public health emergency. anna has more. >> reporter: this year's strain is nasty. it's particularly bad making people sicker for longer. hospitals around the country have seen spikes in flu rela
's the most influential inner circle adviser to president obama, if you were to ask me, i'm not an insider but i would tell you valerie jarre jarrett. >> i think most people would. >> an african-american female and more impactful than the men in the numbers. >> president obama's first term, 36% women appointed to his kabl net. george w. bush, first term, 19%. bill clinton, 27 point. valerie jarrett, for people, the image stirring, you have an original photograph of the men and her leg. it is like there's her leg. and then the white house tweeted out a new photograph with women in the oval office. you're absolutely right. i think no one would doubt valerie jarrett's influence not just from the white house but back in the day in chicago and a force of nature and the total view, talking about -- if you walk in to a fortune 500 company right now, people are looking to seedy versety and people of color. >> in fairness, i think the point was made about the big four. >> yeah. >> and the big four, there are no women and eric holder is african-american male and if he were to leave i think janet nap
hagel and his counter terrorism advisor as the director of the central intelligence agency. obama brought both men by his side in making the announcement. >> as president and commander in chief my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people to help meet the challenges of our time i'm proud to announce my choice for two key members of my national security team. >> obama nominated hagel to replace leon panetta. both men will have to go through senate confirmation hearings. hagel could be in for tough questions. lawmakers are looking into statements he made about iran. leaders in congress need to agree on comprehensive measures to reduce the u.s. debt by the end of february. if they don't the pentagon's budget will be cut by $45 billion. that's 9 prz. secretary of defense robert hail said what's even worse is the automatic cuts would continue over a decade. >> we are working toward rebalancing toward asia pacific presence there. we will pay attention to long-term press in the asian area, including china. >> senior u.s. officials do not usually use such language when
. americans are afraid that president obama will chip away at the second amendment. you will hear more of what the nra president had to say today on cnn's "state of the union" with candy crowley. and that will be coming up. >>> tomorrow marks one month since the school massacre in newtown, connecticut a town hall has been scheduled for tomorrow and resident he is today are meeting to discuss what to do with the sandy hook elementary school which now stands vacant. cnn national correspondent, susan candiotti is in newtown. susan is there any consensus among the people who are speaking about what to do? >> reporter: oh, marty, i think at this stage, people would be surprised if there would be a consensus. i mean, it's so early and so fresh in everyone's mind. after all, 27 people were killed during that terrible mass shooting, including -- including several children ages 6 and 7. and at this meeting, we heard a range of opinions about what should happen. this lasted an hour and a half. i was struck by the number of sandy hook parents who were here. one of them said this was such a horrible thing
mr. obama what happened to george the third when he was doing similar things against the american colonists. >> he hasn't banned the importation of ball and powder yet. and george the third as you probably know, was so stressed by the loss of his famous favorite colony that he ended his days in a nut house, and i wouldn't wish that on anybody. >> when i talk to you mr. pratt, i always look for some sense of humanity that you could react to the sandy hook massacre in the way that i do and many other people did. and i never see it from you. i only see a determined attempt that the only outcome that the gun manufacturers sell more guns and ammunition as we saw in december record gun and record sales. >> i would ask you, where is the humanity where is the humanity where you tell them they must sit there and do nothing. >> the humanity was being able to do nothing during the massacre. that was the lack of humanity. and you know what, this will come as more lies from larry pratt. it is entirely possible that the house of representatives will do away with the gun free school >> and you w
obama promised no tax hikes for the majority of americans but he forgot to mention the payroll tax hike. it may be sending the economy backwar backwards. >> feeling depressed after the holiday season is normal. is this normal or not? dr. keith ablow is here. shaffer. >> it is now 44 after the top of the hour. let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. hugo chavez is reportedly too sick to attend his own inauguration thursday. government officials say he will remain in cuba for cancer treatment and will be sworn in at a later date. opposition groups want him to step down now. wildfires raging in australia. more than 100 homes have been destroyed. more than 300,000 acres of land scorched. the fire so big they could be seen from space. >> heather? >> ainsley thank you so much. have you noticed your paychecks have slunk quite a bit now that the payroll tax cut has expired. it turns out the tax increase wiped out an entire year's worth of wage gains. fox business network diane macedo is here to breakdown the numbers. a real bummer, diane. >> it will be for many.
of support at gun shows, stores, and shooting ranges. the leaders said, if the american people don't fight back now, obama will do with the second amendment what he has done to the first, got it without a moment's thought to our basic constitutional rights. after the meeting gun-control advocates fireback opponent. >> the whole debate of the second amendment is really just a distraction that the gun lobby is trying to create from a sensible discussion of real solutions, and so we should welcome the americans support. >> an examination of culture, specifically the entertainment and video game industry. >> rub elbows at a private white house screening of the tv show 1600 pen. on friday, the last day of the schedule task force meetings, the entertainment video industry is their turn, but it is not clear if the vice-president will be present. as for immediate action, leaders said the priority is reducing the debt and deficit and a gun debate will have to wait until spring, meaning he executive action might be used for such things as a national database to track weapons. lou: to the point, you
, but today, for thebu first time, the administration says that there is a chance no n americans will remain after next year. president obama will talk it over with the afghan presidentiden hamid karzai friday at the white house. venezuela's government said today that president hugo chavez is too ill to attend his swearing-in for a new term on thursday. chavez, who is 58, is in cuba for cancer treatment. he hasn't spoken publicly in a month. his vice president is filling in. chavez has made a career out of bashing the united states and allied himself with iran and syria. a painting by the artist henri matisse has been recovered 25 years after it was stolen from a swedish museum. an art dealer in england was putting it up for sale when he discovered that it was listed on an international registry of stolen artwork. he says the current owner bought it in good faith 20 years ago.at the painting is valued at $1 million. it will be returned to the museum. some of the most powerful creatures in the sea may one day disappear. we'll tell you why next. hey america, even though she doesn't need them,
finestein and president obama and not us. they are the ones who are scaring american gun owners and it is not the nra, but we do say that one of the core mission, and the nra has been around since 1871, and from the 1970s on, we have emerged as the defender of second amendment rights, and that is a core part of the mission. >> sure. but in that, do you support gun ners or gun mfers? >> gun owners and our members and the people in the country who believe in the second amendment. with we have had our differences in the past, if you know the history of the nra with the gun manufacturers, because it is not our constituency. our constituency is twofold, the american people who want to own guns and use them legally, and it is the second amendment, itself. >> david keene, president of the nra, thank you for joining us this morning. >> any time. >> while washington debates gun control, connecticut's governor pays tribute to the fallen. >> in the midst of one of the worst days of our history, we also saw the best of our state. teachers and therapist who sacrificed their lives protecting
to the american people. >> doesn't president obama deserve his agenda to be debated on the senate floor? he has won two elections. >> yes. >> a landslide in the electoral college. wins by four million votes in the popular vote. i mean, wouldn't harry reid be of sorts abdicating his responsibilities if he didn't change the rules? >> i don't think this is harry reid. i think he'll do the right thing and try to change. the problem is there will be some democrats who don't agree with him there is no point having democrats in the senate if nay don't act like democrats. >> what do you know about mccain and levin getting together to introduce a rival filibuster reform? it's not the same thing. some say it's a gift to republicans. do you agree? >> i don't know. let's see what it looks like. all i know is the talking part is really important. we've got to have transparency. we've got to find out exactly who it is that is obstructing what the american people want to do. first of all. and second of all, it has to be fair. i understand that we shouldn't get rid of the filibuster entirely, because the const
, america &&. >> the presidential inaugural committee has announced the line-up for president obama's second inauguration. beyonce will sing the national appear them. former american idol kelly clarkson will perform my opportunitiery 'tis of three and james taylor will sing america the beautiful. president obama's public inauguration ceremony is set for january 21st. >>> i helped d.c. back it on up and bust loose and now city leaders are making sure we always remember chuck brown. today, mayor vincent gray will unveil the design for the new chuck brown memorial. he will also sign plans that finalize the honor. >>> coming up next, we are talking about rg iii's knee. >> you know, he had surgery wednesday morn, yesterday. and the man who work his magic on the superstar says he is hopeful griffin will be back on the field in time to this year's regular season. we'll have more on that when fox 5 morning news continues.  >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray will set i'll bet with seattle's mayor today. before last sunday's game against the seahawks, the two tabled that the losing city would fly the winni
and president obama and biden and the others for getting what most decent civilized americans want. it is not about taking away hand guns to defend families. i get that. that is what the founding fathers intended on the second amendment. this is about removing machine guns from the streets of america. >> later this hour we will play more of that interview with piers and tonight larry pratt goes one-on-one with piers morgan. that is tonight live. >>> some gun rights advocates are worried about the rush to pass tighter gun control measures. they immediately go to the worry about taking guns away. republican senator says that is not the only answer to mass shootings and says it is important to protect americans' rights. >> we have a constitution and we need to guard our freedoms. whether you are talking about gun rights, your smacking right up to the second amendment. video games, mental health issues you are talking about the first amendment in terms of freedom of speech. these are difficult issues to grapple with. i am concernedt that they will try to rush this thing through within
term we could see a less cautious obama and nominating someone who is openly gay or african-american justice or first asian justice. that would be exciting to consider. >> jennifer: it will be exciteing to see. thank you so much. we love having you inside "the war room." now you know what would make almost everything we just talked about a whole heck of a lot easier? filibuster reform. that story is next. it's one you'll only find in "the war roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. >> jennifer: senate majority harry reid wants filibuster reform so he he can confirm appointments without a single lone senator threatening to bring the whole chamber to a halt. in recent years they have perfecterred u
americans from buying guns. >> evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction for president obama's inaugural after anti-gay remarks surfaced. he says prayer would be overshadowed by his past comments. the president will use two bibles for his swearing. he will use both martin luther king travels bible and the one used by president lincoln. mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-secretary. he touted his past work. the budget ran a surplus during his tha time. he is going to replace tim geithner. >> if confirmed i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary with skill knowledge. >> lew became president obama's chief of staff last year and has a reputation of a tough bargainer but republicans say he has been too unyielding in past negotiations. >> it nearly fell through because of lew's signature. you can see it. that signature would appear on all u.s. paper money if he is confirmed. president obama said he never noticed it at before, he quote, considered rescinding the offer
. >> when president obama spoke that night there were still 50,000 u.s. troops in iraq and 50,000 americans stayed in iraq for another 14 months until everyone left the following december. december 2011. when the mission changed from a combat mission to the trained advised mission then it wasn't operation iraqi freedom. it was the way that war came to an end an that's why it was worth interrupting wipeout and the other 8:00 p.m. programming. that's why it was worth flying out to baghdad to be there for that historic ending as the combat mission ended. that's what happened on august 31st and september 1st, 2010. today that's what the president said is going to happen this spring in afghanistan. that's same transition. the president announced a newly sped up timetable for how the war will wind down in afghanistan. >> today we agree that as afghan forces take the lead and as president karzai announcing the final phase of the transition, coalition forces will move to a support role this spring. starting this spring our troops will have a different mission. training, advicing and assisting afgha
of their country. >> when president obama spoke that night, there were still 50,000 u.s. troops in iraq, and 50,000 americans stayed in iraq after that night for another 14 months until everyone finally left the following december, december 2011. but when the mission changed from a combat mission to the train, advise, assist mission, then it wasn't operation iraqi freedom anymore. it wasn't that same war. it was the way that war came to an end, and that's why it was worth interrupting "wipeout" and "ncis" that night and all the other 8:00 p.m. programing. and that's why it was worth -- at least for me i thought it was worth -- flying out to baghdad to be there for that historic ending as the combat mission ended. that was what happened on august 31st and september 1st, 2010. and today that's what the president said is going to happen this spring in afghanistan, that same transition. in a surprise announcement, the president today announced a newly sped-up timetable for how the war is going to wind down in afghanistan. >> today we agreed that as afghan forces take the lead, and as president karz
people wanted the ryan budget. that test showed that the american public stuck with barack obama and jack lew, who is his chief of staff. so, you know, jeff sessions, interestingly used to be a democrat. >> yes. >> if he can -- if he wants to try to lead a filibuster, we will have the mother of all battles in washington. it will make the chuck hagel nomination look like nothing because this guy, jack lew, is in the heart of the obama administration, and he represents barack obama better than basically anybody. not only did they correct when he was white house chief of staff and budget director, but their values are aligned, and so this would be going right at the president who, as jeff sessions knows, deserves to have his own people in the cabinet. this whole presunmps that you object to somebody that's a brilliant nominee just because you don't like his politics, that's not the american way. >> welcome to the republican party of 2013. jonathan alter and jared bernstein, i wish we had more time. thank you. >>> coming up, a memo to mitt romney. the car guy. >> i drive a mustang and a chevy
governor richardson are on a visit. >>> the obama administration suggesting it may pull out all american troops in afghanistan at the end of 2014. currently there are 66,000 american troops in afghanistan. a total withdraw could open the way for a return to power of the taliban. the no troops comment by a national security advisor could be part of the a negotiating strategy when president obama meets with afghan president on friday. >>> venezuelan officials say hugo chavez will not be able to attend his scheduled inauguration. the president of venezuela has been undergoing cancer treatment. >>> there are other stories making news around the world tonight. in peru a chinook helicopter crashed in the jungle killing the five americans and 2peruvian crew members on board. none of the americans were from california. the chopper was headed to an oil rigging location. witnesses say it lost control shortly after lift off. >>> in australia, scores of wildfires are burning in several states as temperatures soar to record highs. the fires have consumed tens of thousands of acres and dozens of homes
's where he works. schmidt and former new mexico governor richardson are on a visit. >>> the obama administration suggesting it may pull out all american troops in afghanistan at the end of 2014. currently there are 66,000 american troops in afghanistan. a total withdraw could open the way for a return to power of the taliban. the no troops comment by a national security advisor could be part of the a negotiating strategy when president obama meets with afghan president on friday. >>> venezuelan officials say hugo chavez will not be able to attend his scheduled inauguration. the president of venezuela has been undergoing cancer treatment. >>> there are other stories making news around the world tonight. in peru a chinook helicopter crashed in the jungle killing the five americans and 2peruvian crew members on board. none of the americans were from california. the chopper was headed to an oil rigging location. witnesses say it lost control shortly after lift off. >>> in australia, scores of wildfires are burning in several states as temperatures soar to record highs. the fires have
is that it presented issues to the american people where a clear contrast existed between president obama and governor romney. the issue of how women should be treated in our society while governor romney wanted them placed in binders only to be taken o down for special occasions, the president held the radical point of view they should all be treated equal toy men. the american people heard the two arguments and they seem to have made their choice but it does seem apparent not everyone has accepted said choice. one of those who chose to not listen to the american people, former g.o.p. vice vice president america's sweetheart, paul don't call me eddie munster ryan. ryan is one of 17 congressmen cosponsoring the sanctity of human life act. a bill that believes all humans are sacred, sponsored by all pro death penalty politicians which gives a human zygote all of the privileges of personhood. the republicans who support the bills again support the death penalty so they're pro some life. by the way if life begins at conception and the drinking age should begin at 20 years three months. a similar personho
loyalty, which is more like most americans are. >> i think that's what president obama is going for. look, he's a republican. i'll have a diverse cabinet in terms of party affiliation. the question is his world view. >> you think he'll get the nomination? >> he was in favor of bashar al ase asead. >> because he was willing to support negotiations doesn't mean he was for him. >> vogue magazine was for him and his wife. >> vogue magazine is not making foreign policy decisions in the u.s. senate. >> thank goodness. do you think he'll pass? >> i think it's premature to decide. we have to have the confirmation hearings. >> we're already finding a lot of the large organizations, they're not going to fight that aggressively. >> tonight, a clearer picture just how bad the flu season is turning out to be and could get much worse. if you haven't had your flu shot, you might want to listen to this. dr. saunjay gupta joining me ahead. me ahead. me ahead. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico ap
east and continue to project american power. do you view it that way? >> the first obama administration was also not an administration saying let's go find some place to bomb. neither, for that matter, was president bush's eight years. we fought the wards that we felt were necessary. president bush worked hard to try to solve other problems through diplomatic means. and so i think it's a little too stark to make this kind of characterization. i, as you well know, always believed that we should try to avoid war. we should be willing to talk to friends and willing to talk to enemies. and try to find a solution that's peaceful. but when do you find it is necessary to use military force, use it with a clear political objective in mind and use it for a decisive result. that's the kind of attitude that chuck haiglogical bring to the equation. we will be careful. he will give the president his best advice on the use or non-use of military force, how to solve the problem diplomatically. i'm sure he will be a great companion with mr.er can any that regard. it's a good team. i think it's a very,
that mr. obama has not chosen any african americans for his cabinet. that is one of the things i wanted to say. host: from twitter -- bob is next from colorado on the republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to encourage everybody to watch the interview on the new book. she takes to of the way down into the late 1980's and 1990's and how all of the banking and real-estate debacle happened. regarding the previous caller's comments about the revolving door, these guys are all of the same old. they are all in it together. these guys created this problem, and they are going around and around. the taxpayers are paying for it. i would encourage everybody to pay attention to it. host: the you have anything to add about mr. timothy geithner specifically? callerwe are asking about his tt the treasury department? do you have anything about his time serve that you went to credit or discredit? caller: i would just say that as far as specific actions, i do not have an example of that. i would say he is in the revolving door that the previous caller talked about. these guys are all in at this
says it has users in other kun stris, 74 million are american. as for the two most followed individuals on the site, richard branson followed by president obama. . >> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv36 a twist in a home invasion. today we learned about a love triangle that sparked it all. they the bay area agencies claim they were taken for millions. . >> it has only happened once before, baseball hall of fame will not welcome new names into the halls this year. a-mark isup next with all the details. . >> a group of bay area organizations for the blind and vishlgly impaired teamed up with the red cross for a blood drive at eight locations. the redkroes says winter is a crucial time for blood drives because of the weather. for some, it's an opportunity to continue the circle o' of helping others. >> making an effort to as a community give back to help others in the way that we so often are helped by others. >> red cross leaders say they are on track to meet the nation's goals. >> mark is here now with sports. boy the baseball writers spoke loud and clear. >> made a big sta
now a very critical meeting agains between president obama and hamid karzai. as kyla campbell reports the outcome could determine how many american troops come home this year. kyla. >> reporter: dave more than 60,000 u.s. troops are in afghanistan right now. president obama has not determined how many will leave the middle east this year. the u.s. war on terror in afghanistan officially ends next year. u.s. and nato forces are set to leave by the year of 2014. this year afghan forces are supposed to take the lead in security and that means thousands of u.s. traps could return home. but president obama is open to keeping anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. after the end of the war next year. the u.s. leaders want to make sure afghan officials can run their government and security without america's help. plus the pentagon wants karzai's word that the afghan security forces will keep the taliban from setting up shop as soon as the u.s. pulls out its troops. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: keep in mind secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense leon panet
't is in a very weak position and democrats are killing themselves if they think that the american people want to continue overspending. and the debt that obama is running out. we can give the president a month of debt ceiling increase or six months or year. then you have the continuing resolutions. because the democrats have not passed the budget or written a budget in more than three years, we have a continued resolution. beyond your points are very good. thank you. neil: they say no deed goes unpunished. did you hear about aig? it just keeps on suing. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a re
weak position and democrats are killing themselves if they think that the american people want to continue overspending. and the debt that obama is running out. we can give the president a month of debt ceiling increase or six months or year. then you have the continuing resolutions. because the democrats have not passed the budget or written a budget in more than three years, we have a continued resolution. beyond your points are very good. thank you. neil: they say no deed goes unpunished. did you hear about aig? it just keeps on suing. hey, travis... get some friends, loser! so, are you all right, man? ♪ lean on me, thanks. ♪ when you're not strong, and i'll be your friend. ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on... ♪ úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú carry on... ♪ ♪ music kids will spend 22 minutes watching us, the super duper party troopers, sing about ants in their pants. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later. two minutes twice a day. they have the time. neil: after saying thank you, how about saying
greater in the decadurped obama and bush . all of the favoring big businesses. that hasn't changed whatsoever. we are talking about charitis and places with huge homicide rates like chicago. american freedom foundation, what you are talking about is charitets running things better thab the government can. they would want to defuse it . government. colleges are helping toupts find body bihaver. that is only e e e e e e >> what happens in college stays in college or that is the plan. some univeities helping them improve on the internet. it is it mang a boss think about hiring them . he is fine with this, why. and that is what we do. i have a closet full like a cemetery. they are drinking flaming marga ritas. they are. tracey what do you make of that. he's saying there is no accountability in the world anymore. go tos many orgies and start over and it is a virgin. it is craness. we demand transparency from the employers and the should demand the same out of potential employees. >> twond five companies do go on line searches and they hit facebook looking at these kids before they hire
do you want in america mr. pratt? that is not for me to decide. that is for individual americans to decide. >> do you think every american should have an ar-15? >> every american should be able to get an ar 15. that is their choice. >> what are you going to do if president obama wins his battle and brings in new gun control legislation? >> well, he is not going to do it by legislative in my opinion. what i'm concerned about and have been concerned about, since even well before the elections is having seen the president rule by executive order where he has no authority in other areas, i can see that he would just go ahead -- and the vice president has hinted at an executive order that moves toward their gun cone troll agenda. that, i think changes the game and throws into question how legitimate the federal government is. and i would advise mr. obama to consider what happened to george the third when he was doing similar things against the american colonists >> he hasn't banned the importation of ball and powder yet. that was one of the contributing elements to our war for indepen
dealers to run background checks on bayers at gun shows. and i would like president obama to increase federal funding for mental health treatment for all americans who need it. i think that's the right direction for america. and my guest last night, right wing radio show host, alex jones, couldn't disagree more. listen to this. >> when we have our guns, they can have their world tyranny. while the government buys bullets, predator drones armed now in u.s. skies, being used to arrest people in north dakota, the second amendment isn't there for duck hunting. it's there to protect us tyrannical government and street thugs >> i want to dig deeper now. joining me is nick kristof welcome to you both. let me start with you. what was your overall reaction to that extraordinary exchange with alex jones last night? >> i mean, as somebody who favors more gun control, i really hope that alex jones does more tv, because, you know, look, you've been quite articulate in making the case for gun control. alex jones was so much more persuasive, i think, for your average middle america in making the cas
obama's nominee he to head the cia. this should concern every single american. back in 2010, john brennan who currently serves as the white house's top counterterror advisor says that islam helped shape his world view. watch thfrmenis. >> i want to thank you to convey my respect for a faith that helped to is shape my world view. for man three decades had the fortune to travel the world and as part of that experience to learn about the goodness and beauty of islam. as a college student in the 1970's, i spent a summer travelling through indonesia, taking in the wonderful landscape, culture and people of java and bali. despite my long hair, my earring and my obvious american appearance, i was welcomed throughout that country in a way that is a reflection of the tremendous warmth of islamic cultures and societies. >> sean: all right. but that's not all. during that same speech, brennan also said this. >> we are not waging a war against terrorism because terrorism is but a tactic that will never be defeated any more than the tactic of war will. rather such thinking is a recipe he for e
. >>> "raw politics" now and a war of words breaking out over president obama's pick for secretary of defense. he's retired republican senator and decorated vietnam combat vet, chuck hagel. >> chuck knows war is not a abstraction. he understands that sending young americans to fight and bleed in the dirt and mud, that's something we only do when it's absolutely necessary. my frame of reference, he has said, is geared towards the guy at the bottom who is doing the fighting and the dying. >> senator hagel, though, may not have an easy confirmation. here is the reaction today from senator john mccain, a former vet, former colleague and a one-time political ally who once considered hagel as a running mate. quote. i have serious concerns about the positions senator hagel has taken on a range of critical issues in recent years which we will fully consider in the course of his confirmation process. he's talking about his skepticism about military action against iran, his willingness to consider cuts to the defense budget and most explosive perhaps past statements on the pro-israel lobby. >> i'm a un
'd like president obama to increase federal funding for mental health treatment for all americans who need it. i think that's the right direction for america. and my guest last night, right-wing radio show host alex jones, couldn't have disagreed more. listen to this. >> when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed, now in u.s. skies, being used to arrest people in north dakota. the second amendment isn't there for duck hunting. it's there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs. >> that interview, which was really more of a rant by alex jones, got a lot more heated. in fact, it was hard to get a straight answer out of him at all. but tonight i want to dig deeper into some of the important issues that were drowned out in all his yelling. joining me now is "new york times" columnist nick christoph and mark potok of the southern poverty law center. nick, let me start with you. what was your overall reaction to that extraordinary exchange with alex jones l
obama that might land differently with african-americans than they do with the general public, so it is i think a question about framing, but i also think it's got to be about specificity. the gop, for instance, now talking about spending cuts. are they prepared to say the "m" word? are they prepared to talk about medicare and are they prepared to talk about social security? so in some ways they are dancing around and being vague about entitlement and spending cuts but have been really loathe to get down to specifics. >> nia, there you go. you had a name there, colin powell. maybe that's the person you'll add to the list. >> stay with us. don't go anyway, ari, nia and matt. still ahead, how will the united states react to vice president joe biden's gun safety recommendations that will be coming out we expect on tuesday. we'll pick it up there when we come back. the place for politics, msnbc. . spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomforta
. and the american people are behind him. a new poll shows 52% approve of the president's handling of the fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on the wealthy just 31% support speaker boehner. 57% say president obama got more of what he wanted. just 20% say that about the gop. republicans may not be good at a lot of things, but i do think they can read the poll numbers. they know their approach isn't working which is why gop leaders have begun to waffle on the party's threat not to raise the debt limit. >> we have to use whatever leverage we have. and there are some examples of leverage can coming along. the debt ceiling is one of them. that hopefully would get the president engaged. >> hopefully? whatever leverage we have? doesn't sound like a guy who's confident to me. and john boehner's in the same tight spot. the wall street journal says that boehner thinks that that bill is just one point of leverage. he says he hedges by noting that it is not the ultimate leverage. when a politician talks like that, you know he has a weak hand. right now they're trying to bluff the president and bluff the am
there is something you could find about him, maybe that he works for a guy called barack obama. that would be enough. the fact that he negotiated a >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. conservatives compare president obama to hitler over the gun issue? this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise in photo opportunities. >> joe biden says the president is serious about guns. >> you cannot tell me that a kid sitting in the basement for hours playing call of duty and killing people over and over and over again does not desensitize that child to the real life effects of violence. >> and republicans blame video games. the time for excuses is over. katrina vanden hubbell of the nation on what it takes to keep the debate from going in circles. >>> armed in the classroom. we're talking to a teacher tonight about why she wants to carry a weapon in school. >>> and the war on women is back. cecile richards and the attack on planned parenthood. >>> drone strikes. they are killing terrorists, but the in
out for him. there are certain pred assessors to turn to for guidance but there's one american icon president obama needs, martha stewart. no one knows more about party planning than ma that.
. >> on treasury secretary. yesterday president obama assured the world that the american dollar is, in fact, safe. >> i had never noticed jack's signature. and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one lett lett letter legible, should he be confirmed as secretary of treasury. >> this is what his signature would actually look like on the dollar bill. that's just awful. >> is it third grade when they focus on your handwriting skills and penmanship? maybe he can sit in on a class. >> the treasury secretary wants to audit your class. >>> nine minutes past the hour. yesterday we brought you the life or death drama of these whales trapped by ice. today, my gosh, i was over the moon when i heard the update on this. we have such good news to share. obviously you know what it is. but we'll share more details coming up sdp. >>> and the young boy who vanished nearly 20 years ago, found alive and well. [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!!
and the future that lies ahead. >> that's president obama delivering his victory speech on election night. the race wasn't even close, despite the poor state of the american economy. maybe mitt romney never had a chance. his fellow contenders feasted on one of their own during the primaries. isn't the american way that if somebody gives you a smack on the nose you eventually have to smack them back. isn't it time now for you to accept that this negativity has pounded you into a position where much as you would like to keep it positive, isn't it time you got the old gingrich fist out and gave romney a good old smack? >> harry truman in his great re-election campaign when he was so far behind that gallup quit taking polls in mid september, went after dewey and crowds would yell out give him hell, harry. and he yelled back, no, i just tell the truth and it hurts like hell. i think romney's record is so bad, he's clearly a moderate, he's done so many things that are indefensible in the republican primary. it would be okay in a democratic primary but in a republican primary it's indefensible.
. the afghan president has insistd that all remaining american soldiers should follow afghan law while president obama has called that a deal breaker and for are any potential security agreement. robert young peloton is with us. he has just come back from afghanistan. he is an author and filmmaker. he was spending weeks with u.s. special forces hunting taliban militants. good afternoon. >> hi, how are you doing? >> shepard: he blames us for everything. why in the world would the president talk to him? >> you have to watch his game. he is looking forward to releasing all of the 3,000 or so prisoners while u.s. forces are busy putting them in jail. he knows he will not get the north so he decided to bring the taliban back into the government. these things won't be discussed too openly as he begs president obama to keep troops there and i think he will have to relent on the u.s. troops being is subject to afghan law because we will just pull out of there. >> shepard: the goal has been the most recent goal in a series of goals in afghanistan has been to put afghan security forces back in c
the approach of obama of turning them into literally the enemy of the american people. >> neil: $4 billion a day. >> it is time got a back gene. they are cower. they he should be more scared of being primaried and losing their seat. whether they lose to a more conservative republican or democrat they will lose if they don't stand up. they should be a little bit concerned about the fact that we are headed at breakneck pace towards greece. they are so scared of the blame game and being portrayed as the big villains of the american people. that is what scares them. >> neil: we need a flu shot needles. like a long one. >> time to face down these attacks. >> neil: thank you very much. certainly i'm not -- i know the money going in and the money going out. there is a lot more money going out and you can't solve it with just a lot more tax money coming in. you got to address the money going out and we are not doing it at all. just about the only problem boeing dreamliner hasn't had this week. a snake on one of its planes. how the heck did this python hold on? ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪
clarkson will prime minister john -- january 21 on the west front of the u.s. capitol. president obama issued a statement saying the artists' music is the heart of the american story and speaks to folks across the country. >> still ahead we will continue to watch the story you are reporting the breaking news from new york city when a ferry, a commuter ferry had a hard-lining at a manhattan pier with 12 injured. first an electric fire and a fuel spill and an airline is reacting to the problems facing boeing's new dreamliner but, first, mission to north korea, a top google executive and former governor reveal what is behind their controversial visit to north korea. >> live on treasure island with new information in the investigation of an oil tanker that grazed the bridge on monday with two investigations underway and one1111111g >> abc7 news starts right now with like breaking news. >> breaking news is from new york city. you can see the gurneys and stretchers with people lying on them. a commuter ferry there in lower manhattan had a hard landing when it pulled into a pier and more than
. >> isn't she american? >> exactly. >> lords and ladies across america preparing for the highly anticipated return of "downton abbey." >>> good evening. president obama is back from his vacation tonight and fresh off the fiscal showdown, he is already girding for what's expected to be the next political showdown. tonight, nbc news can confirm he will wade right back into the fray tomorrow by nominating former senator chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. at face value, the pick of a longtime republican lawmaker for the job could be seen as a rare act of bipartisanship in a sharply divided town. but tonight, opponents on both sides of the aisle are sharpening their claws for what could be a testy confirmation fight. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us from washington now with more. hello, peter. >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. with the fiscal cliff crisis barely in our rearview mirror, the white house's decision to pick chuck hagel as secretary of defense is likely to ignite a contentious confirmation battle. congress is out of session this we
not heard that outcry. the balloon is still floating. president obama is meeting with president karzai tomorrow. but it has also revealed where american politics are. in year 12 of this war. nobody is outraged by the prospect of it being all the way over. nobody is shooting this balloon down. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence odonnell". >> the nra met its worst nightmare today and his name is joe biden. >> the nra is a friend of freedom. >> i want to thank the national rifle association. >> they do a terrific job. >> we have the craziest people. >> too much weaponry in all the wrong hands. >> but there are also thing that is we know. >> he has a lot of friends on the hill. >> the vice president's task force powwow. >> there is no room. >> not to give an inch of ground. >> there is no room for compromise. >> we have another school shooting in taft, california at the same moment the nra is at the white house. >> they want change it is simple. >> more guns are not the answer. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle. >> the newtown tragedy, tucson and the movie theater massacre
, not an outrage, but a shame. the face of power that president obama has chosen to present to the country is strikele second for the african-american president at the top of the pyramid for its retro look. white and mail. it's "mad men" goes to washington. they've posted a picture that goes viral. all men in the oval office. in fact, if you look really are closely. we will circle the leg of valerie jarrett. you'll find her in that picture. however, she's behind the guy right there. that sparked the white house to release another photo. showing more women in the inner circle. a woman that came out wednesday. i want to start with you, is this reality or perception problems? >> this is our cover story right now. and it's a smart way to look at it, we in the media tend to focus on the big jobs. there are certain jobs sort of media more friendly. we tend to look at the cia and defense detectiver. those are the big positions to us in the media. >> the big boy jobs. >> we tend to focus on those. if i'm valerie jarrett who is probably the most influential person in terms of her ability to influen
is still floating. president obama is meeting with president karzai tomorrow. but it has also revealed where american politics are. in year 12 of this war. nobody is outraged by the prospect of it being all the way over. balloon down. "first look" is up next. >>> good friday morning. right now on "first look," vice president joe biden readies his gun control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concern among top military brass that budget cuts and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> government sting. the dea set up our own secret service agents with prostitutes. >>> all that, plus, the growing flu epidemic, one year after the costa concordia accident, and the return of the water skiing squirrel. >>> good morning. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of the administration's gun control traffic force. biden met with gun control advocates as well as retailers. while participants described the meetings as open and frank, the nra had harsh words for the president afterwards. >> the administration was able to check the
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